Simon's first Eucharist - Corpus Christi

On Thursday night, June 20th, following on from Simon's ordination to the priesthood he celebrated his first Eucharist appropriately on the festival of Corpus Christi. This is a Day of Thanksgiving in the Church for the Institution of Holy Communion. There was a healthy congregation of around 80 including his family, friends and supporters from St Helen's, Witton (Northwich), the Diocese of Chester, and of course St. Cross (who gave splendid hospitality afterwards). All people who have been, and continue to be part of his journey. We were particularly pleased to welcome his 'sending Incumbent', Rev'd Alison Harris as our preacher, and the Knutsford Deanery Choir. Alison gave a meaningful message on the use of hands in priestly ministry but reminded and encouraged everyone in the 'priesthood of all believers', that God calls us to use our hands for his glory in so many ways. The Choir as ever, sang beautifully in what is a tremendous accoustic location, accompanied majestically by one of our organist's Christopher Foy. 

Before the final blessing, our Vicar Paul, on behalf of everyone present gave thanks to Simon and Liz and shared a few thoughts on Simon's faith journey, and the pleasure of working alongside him. He was presented with a Home Communion Set and Liz was given flowers. We look forward to Simon's continuing ministry among us in his preparation to take on a parish in the future. Pictured below are Simon and Liz (2nd from left), with Rev'd Alison Harris and the St. Cross ministry team.