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Newsletter for May 2024

Click on the link below for the May 2024 Newsletter







Newsletter for June 2024

The Vicar's Letter - growing in Ordinary Time

Newsletter for March and April 2024

The Vicar's Letter - God's mission is always the priority

Newsletter for February 2024

The Vicar's Letter - What is the Church going to look like in the future?

Newsletter for December 2023 and January 2024

The Vicar's Letter - A picture tells a thousand words

Newsletter for November 2023

The Vicar's Letter - God knows and understands each one of us

Public Notice

reconfiguration of the Parish Hall Corridor

Newsletter for October 2023

The Vicar's Letter - Carving out time to be with God

Newsletter for September 2023

The Vicar's Letter - What is our core business?

Newsletter for July and August 2023

The Vicar's Letter - a closer link with the community

Newsletter for June 2023

The Vicar's Letter - stewardship in creation

Newsletter for May 2023

The Vicar's Letter - Unforgettable moments in our lives

Newsletter for April 2023

The Vicar's Letter - Looking forward to Easter Day and an update

Newsletter for March 2023

The Vicar's Letter - Lent continues as we look to Holy Week and Easter

Newsletter for February 2023

The Vicar's Letter - Future events

Newsletter for January 2023

The Vicar's Letter - The challenges of discipleship

Newsletter for December 2022

The Vicar's Letter - What will we do on December 18th?

Craftmas and Coffee (after the services on Sunday Nov. 27th)

a social event with a craft stall selling Christmas goodies

Newsletter for November 2022

The Vicar's Letter - We plant the seeds, but God gives the growth

Newsletter for October 2022

The Vicar's Letter - Our new King

Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Our arrangements to mark the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II

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