Sunday Evening Services

6.30pm on the first Sunday there is a Communion called the 'Celtic Eucharist', because the words used are from the Northumbrian Community books of prayers. The music is on the piano and the congregation are gathered in a circle around the Nave Altar. The bread and the wine are received and given together.

The Celtic Eucharist is valued by worshippers from a range of traditions, and the pace of the service allows time for reflection and quiet prayer. There is a short sermon and the whole service lasts about 60 minutes.

also on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 6.30pm There is Book of Common Prayer Choral Evensong at a church in the Knutsford Deanery

and on the 5th Sunday at 6.30 pm we share worship with the Knutsford Methodists, either at the Methodist Church or St Cross.