The Vicar's letter for June

The Vicar writes………

We have celebrated throughout Easter and the good news of the Risen Christ. At each celebration of the Eucharist in this paschal season the gospel is announced with words from the book of Revelation – ‘Behold I am alive for evermore’ (Rev. 1.18). How often do we hear or use those words and take it for granted? If we can stop and take a moment to contemplate the full depths of this statement, we can be rewarded with a deeper sense of joy and a strengthening of our faith and hope.

As I write this newsletter, Eastertide is well advanced and we look forward to celebrating the Ascension, the departure of the immediacy of the Risen Christ; and then Pentecost, fifty days after Easter Day, when the first believers were baptised in the Holy Spirit. The words, Behold I am alive for evermore are supremely relevant to us now for these words were uttered by the Risen Christ in a vision to St. John. The book of Revelation was written to encourage persecuted Christians across the Roman world and to comfort them with the knowledge that although life would be extremely difficult, God’s loving purposes and justice would prevail in the end.

That particular sense of joy through the ‘Alleluia’ season of Easter will certainly continue in June, and beyond, – Behold I am alive for evermore means just that – the joy of the resurrection is not a one-off event or annual celebration but an on-going journey of faith. A journey where it dawns upon us that this is not just a statement to be accepted with the intellect of our minds, but a truth that is embodied in our everyday lives.

At St. Cross, June will be a busy and joyous month in other respects too. Thy Kingdom Come is an invitation from our Archbishops to join in ten days of prayer with the rest of the world, between Ascension Day and Pentecost, that more people may come to find and follow the one who lives for evermore. At St. Cross we will have the Pentecost Prayer Breakfast to which all churches in the Knutsford Deanery have been invited.

There is also Simon’s ordination to the priesthood at Chester to look forward to which will be followed by his first celebration of the eucharist on Corpus Christi. This festival is a day of thanksgiving for the gift of the Holy Communion which Jesus has commended us to do in remembrance of him, until the Kingdom comes in all its fullness. I hope as many people as possible can attend this service, to show our love and support for Simon, Liz and Grace, and to share in this special occasion for him and his family. An opportunity too for us to truly give thanks to God for the gift of the eucharist.

And then finally, on Sunday June 23rd, we have the honour of hosting a civic service to which all are invited to formally welcome the new Mayor of Knutsford, Councillor Andrew Malloy, with Nicole, Adam and Luis. 

May all of us in June, wherever we are, allow Christ who lives for evermore, to live in us and through us.


Yours in His Service ,