The Vicar's writes for December to January

The Vicar writes………


The world we live in has a great anticipation for Christmas, though its true meaning has been somewhat overtaken. As Christians, we prepare ourselves not just for Christmas but for this whole time of anticipation, celebration, and manifestation in the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Each has their own sense of being special, though the greatest sense of joy does come through Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in that we look forward to welcoming visitors to our services in December.


Many retailers attempt to convince us that they can somehow, make Christmas magic or special in some way. Our Community Christmas Tree Festival has that same broad appeal and we hope and pray many people will flock through our doors to enjoy the decorated trees, the eclectic festive music from schools and local musicians, and the hospitality offered in the parish hall. The reminder to everyone of what makes Christmas really special is the Nativity Scene under the high altar, under spotlights – the eye should be drawn to look beyond the forest of trees to see the tableau conveying the amazing story of God’s incarnation in the world in the person of Jesus.


Christmas, despite its message of joy, can be a difficult time for many people for various reasons. As a church, we seek to bring a measure of comfort through our Advent project supporting local children, and the Salvation Army at the Advent evening service. There is our ongoing backing for ‘Hampers of Hope’. The Tree Festival will raise money for Knutsford Lions, and ourselves to support God’s mission through St. Cross in the community. In addition to all these initiatives, and what we already do, is there anything we can we accomplish as individuals to make Christmas special for someone?


Yours in His Service , Paul