Toy Collection for Christmas 2021

Toy Collection during November 2021


St Cross are supporting Ruby’s Fund which is an established charity with its head office based in Congleton, serving families in need across all areas of Cheshire East.

It was founded by a mother living in Congleton when her daughter, now aged 14, was diagnosed with a rare gene disorder when she was 3.

For the past 5 years we have supported HOMESTART with our Advent Toy collection .

Unfortunately, HOMESTART, with its brilliant record of sterling work with families who are struggling, did not receive sufficient funding  post-Covid  to continue effectively and has had to close down.

However, Ruby’s Fund works on the same principles. Volunteers go into the homes for a few hours each week but they also have a centre with a coffee lounge etc, offer talks for Mums, a sensory room and a treatment room .

The charity is going from strength to strength, and some Homestart staff made redundant by the closure are now working as Voluntary Help Coordinators .

Originally set up to cater for the well-being needs of children and families of children with disabilities, Ruby’s Fund has been able to expand to help all areas of need, e.g poverty, domestic abuse, mental illness, bereavement, single parenthood.

The gifts will go to children who might otherwise not receive anything this Christmas.


NOTE (some changes from previous years)

Gifts for boys and girls

Ages 0-12 years

Do NOT wrap.

Toys     Games     Craft


Suggested value: up to £10


All Age Worship (Toy Service)    Sunday 5th December 10 am

to see the Ruby's newsletter for November please click this link below