The Beaver's visit to St Cross

On Wednesday evening in the week before Pentecost Sunday (the birth day of the church) we had a visit from the local Beaver Colony - 2nd Knutsford (Crosstown).

It was a lovely spring evening and I was outside the church to greet everyone.  After introductions, we stopped and listened to the wind and its effect as the leaves on the trees rustled around us.

We then went into the church and chatted about faith in general and my own faith in Jesus and what that meant for me.  The Beavers were interesting in looking at some of the stained glass windows which tell the stories of Jesus' life on earth.


Then we sat down underneath the tower at St Cross and I talked about the birthday of Jesus' Church which came with the gift of God's Holy Spirit.  We talked about the mystery of things being invisible like the wind, electricity, and visual communications through things like Zoom, and how Christians in particular can sense the presence of Jesus with them now through the Holy Spirit.  We cannot see God, Jesus or the Spirit but we can see and feel the effect.

Finally I said a prayer for the Beaver Colony and their families.

I hope it is not too long before I see them again.  The Beavers were so well behaved and interested in everything that was shared.  Thank you to Bridget and her assistants, not just for bringing them to St Cross, but for their committed leadership to these amazing young children who were a credit to their leaders and their parents.

Revd Paul (Vicar)