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Sharing the light and love of Christ
supporting the Welcome and East Cheshire Home Start
Duration: 11minutes 24seconds
Date Recorded: 14/11/2020

Act of Remembrance 2020
A short service in St Cross during the closure of churches for public worship
Keywords: Remembrance
Duration: 18 minutes 42 second
Date Recorded: 07/11/2020

Harvest School Assembly for Manor Park Primary School
A short school assembly from Paul and Mary
Keywords: Harvest
Duration: 9 minutes 21 seconds
Date Recorded: 07/11/2020

Jesus walks on the water
a simple story and prayers for young families
Duration: 7 minutes 6 seconds
Date Recorded: 15/08/2020

St Cross Young Church The Parable of the Sower
Suitable for families
Duration: 13minutes 28seconds
Date Recorded: 19/07/2020

Pauls sermon on the Parable of the Weeds
Sixth Sunday after Trinity
Duration: 16minutes 22seconds
Date Recorded: 19/07/2020

Matthew becomes a friend with Jesus
A short service for families and young children
Duration: 11 minutes 32 second
Date Recorded: 27/06/2020

Being a wise person for Jesus
with a memory verse and a challenge for everyone
Duration: 19 minutes 15 second
Date Recorded: 20/06/2020

Peter and John went to pray
a service for younger families
Duration: 14 minutes 12 second
Date Recorded: 13/06/2020

Jesus is always with us - a service for young families
Trinity Sunday
Duration: 9 minutes 18 seconds
Date Recorded: 04/06/2020